Friday 17 July 2009

Telephone Club in Koenji (July 18th 2009)

After last weekend's show in Fukuoka, Call And Response's live showcase returns to Tokyo and its regular venue of Koenji Roots tomorrow. Hyacca (百蚊) will come over from Fukuoka and Mir will once again be playing alongside them. Also joining the bill at a C.A.R. event for the first time will be The Mornings, bringing their usual burst of unhinged energy, along with quirky indie four-piece Owllights, who first played at Telephone Club this February. Completing the live lineup will be cottonioo, an all-girl pop duo with a kind of eccentric new wave sound and a neat line in sweet melodies and fragile arrangements.

DJs will be myself, as usual, and James Hadfield of Metropolis.

Place: Koenji Roots
Date: July 18th 2009
Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30
Cost: 1,800 yen + 1 drink adv. / 2,300 + 1 drink door

■The Mornings
■Hyacca (百蚊)

■Ian Martin (Call And Response)
■James Hadfield

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