Thursday 15 October 2009

More C.A.R. stuff on teh Internets

British newspaper The Guardian has an article on its web site based on an e-mail interview with me about five or six months ago. Naturally, considering how long winded my response was, the finished item has been edited somewhat, although unfortunately this leaves some points unclear and others nonsensical. To prove I'm not stupid (or at least that I'm stupid in the right way) I posted the full interview including questions and my own unedited responses on the Clear And Refreshing web site for comparison purposes.

The line about "Shibuya-kei is the only scene anyone really speaks about here" makes me cringe and is something the writer pulled out of their arse.

Update: Oct.15 11:31
Zac Bentz has posted his thoughts at Japanator. He's not happy with the tone of the series of articles that my interview was part of.

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