Tuesday 15 November 2011

Electric Riot (November 16th)

Youth is Wasted & Call And Response Special Free Party, in association with Chicks Riot:

Chicks Riot 2011 is hosting a series of art parties at Koenji Amp Cafe with artwork from a number of mostly female artists and different DJs and live acts curating each night's musical lineup.

ELECTRIC RIOT is a night of postpunk, new wave, 80s electronic, minimal wave, NDW, synthwave, technopop and krautrock, hosted by Tokyo DJ party Youth is Wasted and Koenji postpunk label Call And Response, and featuring the fantastic technopop/rap sounds of Ai Kobayashi.

Place: Koenji AMP Cafe
Date: 11/16 (Wed)
Time: 18:00-22:00 (maybe a bit later if we're allowed)
Cost: FREE
- Ai Kobayashi (ex.Miami)
- Tack Terror
- Komlaski
- Ian Martin

11/15 【Opening Party: Girls Pop Night!】FREE
-DJ: SLF!! (The Lady Spade) / Tong-Chang (Cherry Times) / A-Yummy! / Katrine
-Start: 19:00

11/16 【Electric Riot Night!】FREE
-Band: Ai Kobayashi (ex.Miami)
-DJ: Ian Martin (Call And Response Records) / NAH & SUE / Tack Terror / Komlaski
-Start: 19:00

11/17 【Spade Night!】1000yen +1drink
-Band: The Lady Spade
-DJ: Uchiyama Yuniko / SLF!! / Katrine / and more
-Start: 17:00

11/18 【Riot Grrrl Night! 】FREE
-DJ aki / Asucca (Watercloset) / A-Yummy!
-Start: 19:00

11/19 【Cookie Cookie!】FREE
-Cookie Performance: steka and mjol
-DJ: aki / Helmet Underground&Riko
-Time: 14:00-15:30

11/19 Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe【Chick's Riot 2011】
2,800yen adv/3,300yen door +1drink
-Band: The Girl / N'Shukugawa Boys / Kettles / The Let's Go's
-Fashion: Toko
-Live painting: Shibuya Girls Pop / Keiko Ogawa & Eimi
-Artwork: hipBORNtwin
-Cookies: steka and mjol
-Video: Slice Cheeze
-Open/Start: 16:30/17:00

11/20 【Closing Party: Indie Pop Night!】
1000円 +1drink
-Band: Girls Pancakes / Twinkle Twinkles
-DJ: Meganeth (Style Band Tokyo Tomo & Helmet Underground&Riko DJ team) / aki /A-Yummy!
-Start: 19:00

11/21 【R&R Night】FREE
-Band: Charlotte (Merpeoples)
-DJ: Cherry Bomb
-Start: 19:00

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