Sunday 9 February 2014

Tententen: Paranoid (February 16th, 2014)

February's Tententen celebrates the release of Call And Response Records' Valentine's gift 「チョコくれるのはいいが・・・、何を企んでるんだぁぁ!?!?」("Thanks for the chocolates… what's your agenda!?!?"), an album of covers of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" that will be available to download for free on the 14th.

Starring on the night (and hopefully on the album too) are avant-popsters Abikyokan and post-punkers Uruseeyo, while Ryotaro Aoki will be bringing his metal hammer to the decks.

Date: 16th Feb (Sun)
Place: Koenji Art Bar Ten/天
Time: 8:00pm-1:00am
Cost: ¥500+1 drink
- Abikyokan
- Uruseeyo/うるせぇよ
- Ryotaro Aoki
- Gotal (Lo-shi)
- Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)
- Liaisons Mètalliques

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