Friday 1 August 2014

New releases from Call And Response this August + Jebiotto U.S. Tour news!

Coming out this month simultaneously on August 13th are two new albums by bands who debuted on the label as part of 2012's Dancing After 1AM compilation album.

First up is Jebiotto's Love Song Duet (CAR-76), the Tokyo synth-punk band's second mini-album and first with Call And Response. Jebiotto are currently just about to kick off a short U.S. East Coast tour with American mates Warm & Comfy.

Our second new release is Kagoshima psychedelic supergroup Futtachi's Tane to Zenra (CAR-74). Vocalist Iguz Souseki's previous band Zibanchinka released their album Hatsubai Chushi through Call And Response in 2011, racing through 15 tracks in a breakneck 28 minutes. Tane to Zenra, which we're releasing in co-operation with the band's own Baku no Yume Records, features a single track over a more stately 30 minutes.

Both Jebiotto and Futtachi will be appearing at our annual anniversary event at Higashi Koenji 20000V/Ni-man Den-atsu on Saturday September 27th, along with a huge cast of other bands from Tokyo and Kyushu. More details on that to follow.

Lastly, here are the details for Jebiotto's East Coast tour (listed below):

August 2nd (Sat)

Washington DC @ Bathtub Republic (day show - part of "In It Together Fest")
Baltimore, MD @ The Crown (night show)

August 3rd (Sun)
Annapolis, MD @ The Metropolitan

August 4th (Mon)
Asbury Park, NJ @ The Wonder Bar

August 5th (Tue)
Astoria, NY @ Shillelagh Tavern

August 6th (Wed)
Newark, DE @ Blue Door (house show)

August 7th (Thu)
Baltimore, MD @ Club K

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  1. Toronto dates!!!!

    I hope the Yanks come out to support these gigs.

    Hopefully, Rob P will shoot/upload some video.