Thursday 30 April 2015

Sayuu (左右) and Umez in Kyushu - May 2nd-May 10th

Call And Response is in Kyushu for some action this Golden Week, including two short tours by bands from the Tokyo and Yokohama area and a rich roster of the finest bands Kyushu has to offer. Of particular note, joining Sayuu for two dates are Hakuchi (白痴) from Saga, who are currently preparing a debut album to be released from Call And Response in June. Meanwhile, Neue Sanssouci (ノイエサンスーシ), who dazzled and confused Tokyo audiences at the last Call And Response event in Tokyo, are hosting the final show of the tour with Umez on May 10th.

STAGE 1: Sayuu (左右)

5/2 (Sat) Rockride (Saga)
18:30/19:00, ¥1500+drinkLIVE: 左右 / 白痴 / The Utero / Be Here Now
DJ: Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)

5/3 (Sun) Utero (Fukuoka)
18:00/18:30, ¥2000+drink
LIVE: 左右 / 白痴 / 赤虫 / z/nz / マクマナマン
DJ: Kaname K (Trinitron) / Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)

5/4 (Mon) Navaro (Kumamoto)
20:00/20:30, ¥1500+drink
LIVE: 左右 / 石頭地蔵 / 小林どろり / カルトス
DJ: 通行人

STAGE 2: Umez

5/8 (Fri) Utero (Fukuoka)
18:30/19:00, 1800+drink
LIVE: Umez / ナルコレプシン / Family Computers / Abyssal (ex. Azma Shoegaze Explosion) / Zarest
DJ: malamura (Eiffel Tower) / Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)

5/10 (Sun) Panic Paradise (Nagasaki)
17:30, ¥1500+drink
LIVE: Umez / 三回転とひとひねり / Friend of Trip / ノイエサンスーシ / + more

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