Monday 3 August 2015

白痴 / Hakuchi「チンドンDING DONG! ~みのくるいマーチ~」RELEASE PARTY - August 29th, 2015


DONG! ~みのくるいマーチ~」は、全12曲入りの計25分尺!!意外にポップかつ短い楽曲で「飽きられる前に素早く終わるライブ」には定評がある白痴らしい作品に仕上がっている。

白痴のリリースパーティat東京はエキセントリックかつ、実験的・爆発的なラインナップ!!!それはまさにMarcel DuchampとAlfred Jarryが2大巨神として君臨してるパラレルワールドに捧げるようなソニックカーニバル!!!



Hakuchi formed in autumn 2009 as the joyous enterprise of guitarist/vocalist Haraguchi and bassist Maru in Chiyoda-cho, Kanzaki City, Saga, with the current lineup completed in 2010 by the arrival of drummer An.

They play a kind of ferociously energetic postpunk junk, with their debut album Chindon DING DONG! ~ Minokurui March ~ featuring twelve songs in under 25 minutes -- short, unexpectedly pop songs from a band who have gained notoriety and acclaim on the live circuit for "finishing quickly so you don't get bored".

Joining them at this Tokyo release party is an eccentric,
experimental, explosive lineup of acts — a sonic carnival from an alternate universe where pop music is an act of sacrificial tribute to the twin gods of Duchamp and Jarry.

Join us on the march towards madness — there is nothing here for you now.

(Please note, this event is NO SMOKING inside the venue.)

* * *

Place: Higashi Koenji 20000V/二万電圧
Date: 8/29 (Sat)
Time: 6:00pm
Cost: ¥2000 (+ drink)
- 白痴 / Hakuchi (from Saga)
- Falsettos
- 巻上公一 / Koichi Makigami
- otori
- プラッツカルトヌィ / Platskartny
- Rally (Han Han Art/Tropical Death Metal)

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