Saturday 14 January 2012

Anatopia (from Amsterdam) Japan tour 2012

Dutch electro-punks Anatopia are a duo comprised of Klaus Plötzlich and Henrietta Morgenstern. They take the slick, electronic techno-fetishism of Kraftwerk, the spiky, irony-laced geek-punk of Devo and the grimy garage rock of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, turning it to the purpose of creating simple, catchy, minimalist pop art nuggets.

巧妙でかつ、エレクトロニック&テクノ-フェティシズムのKraftwerkのような、するどく尖り、アイロニーで飾られた、ギーク-パンクのDevoのような、汚れたガレージロックのThe Yeah Yeah Yeahsのような要素を兼ね合わせている。Anatopiaはこれらの要素を捏ね合わせ、最終的にシンプルでキャッチー、そしてミニマリストなポップアートナゲッツを創り上げていく。

While their lyrics deal with the duo's obsession with and fear of technology, they contrast this with a live setup that brings a sense of theatre to the stage but also focusses on sounds they can generate themselves in the moment. Henrietta plays synth and attacks a crash cymbal in her spare moments, while Klaus operates a kick drum and hi-hat with his feet at the same time as playing guitar with his hands.



18th (Wed): Tokyo, Shin-Koenji, Club Liner
Open 18:00/Start 18:30, :Adv. 2,000/Door 2,300
w/ retolighter / wasted junks / フューチャー / Sputnik

19th (Thu): Tokyo, Aoyama, Tsukimiru/Moonromantic
Ope n18:00/Start 18:30, Adv. 2,000/Door 2,500
w/ Lieselotte / Lotsasignal / JUSTICE OF CANADA / RITOMO

20th (Fri): Tokyo, Shibuya, O-Nest
Open 18:30/Start 19:00, Adv. 2,000/Door 2,500
w/ ユナイテッドモンモンサン / MAHORAGA / H Mountains / PETA

22nd (Sun): Tokyo, Kichijoji, GOK Sound (Call And Response New Year Party!)
Open 16:00/Start16:30, Adv./Door 2,000
w/ Tacobonds / テッセンドリコ / プラハデパート / Hysteric Picnic / Girls Pancakes / tantan to tantan / Youth is Wasted DJs / VJ Terada (HUH)

25th (Wed): Osaka, Sengoku Daitouryou
Open 18:00/Start 18:30, Adv. 1,500/Door 2,000
w/ ヤーマンバンド / Boys of hongkong / 444CAPSULE

26th (Thu): Kumamoto, Navaro
Open/Start TBA, Adv./Door TBA
w/ DIA SYNDICATE / + more

27th (Fri): Fukuoka, Yakuin, Utero
Open 18:30/Start 19:00, Adv. 1,500/Door 2,000
w/ THE LIGHTNING DELIVERY's / AMORPHOUS / Fake doll Nott / Virtual Planets / gigandect

29th (Sun): Tokyo, Akihabara, Club Goodman
Open/Start TBA, Adv./Door TBA
w/ the mornings / ULTRA BIDE / Emily likes tennis / うみのて / + more

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