Saturday 28 January 2012

January 29th: An Embarrassment of Riches

There are three magnificent events going on this Sunday, all of which have Call And Response's firm seal of approval. Anyway, here they are in reverse order of cheapness and ascending order of opening time:

Firstly, I'm going to DJ at the event Style Band Tokyo are doing for Bo Ningen, who will be touring in Kyushu with Zibanchinka and Hyacca next month (details coming soon).

Time: 15:30
Cost: 3000/3500
Bands: Bo Ningen / Guitar Wolf / N'Shukugawa Boys / 6eyes / Psysalia Psysalsis Psyche / Tadzio / Moja
DJs: Tomo (Style Band Tokyo) / Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen) / Yamada (Knew Noise Recordings) / Sumire & Methyl (Twee Grrrls Club) / Soccreboy / Gypsy Badman (Control) / Le Champ (Control) / Sam & Mark (Tokyo Indie) / Tommy (Boy) / Tommi (Dancer Danger) / Yuta Sekiyama (from England to me!) / Kenta Hirano (Love Action) / Judy (Throw that beat!) / Ian Martin (Call And Response) / wizzjones / hahas disco / Full Circle / Black Neon Party / si oux (Vive Vagina) / Y Brando (Passione+) / Apu (Afterdark) / Sho (Plasticzooms) / Boys Get Hurt

Also, Hyacca will be playing at the Next Music from Tokyo tour finale, with all the bands they toured Canada with last October.

Time: 17:30:18:00
Cost: 2500/3000
Bands: Hyacca / Natsumen / Merpeoples / Akai Koen / Chiina

Finally, Anatopia will finish up their Japan tour in style at an excellent event The Mornings are putting on over the other side of town.

Time: 18:00
Cost: 2000/2500
Bands: Anatopia / The Mornings / Ultra Bide / Emily loves Tennis / Umi no Te

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