Monday 29 April 2013

One Room Discord (May 5th, 2013)

The last live event Call And Response did in Tokyo was in October last year, so I'm easing my way back into the game with this mini live showcase, featuring the effervescent Puffyshoes and the fluorescent Slow-Marico, as well as good friends and frequent collaborators Sue, Gotal and Methyl. Join us!

Date: 5/5 (Sun)
Place: Koenji Art Bar Ten/天
Time: 8:00pm-last train
Cost: ¥1000 (includes 1 drink)
- Puffyshoes
- Slow-Marico
- Sue (YiW/Rhyming Slang)
- Gotal (Lo-shi)
- Methyl (Twee Grrrls Club)
- Ian Martin (Call And Response)

Monday 1 April 2013

Fashion Crisis Anniversary Party (April 2013)

Fashion Crisis has been going for four years. Come celebrate with us in the time-honoured way!

Date: April 5th (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00pm-last train
Cost: FREE
- Loser & Ribbons
- Fidel Villeneuve
- Duck Rock
- Wizz Jones
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin