Wednesday 26 August 2009

Switched On! 2nd Anniversary (August 28th 2009)

The bimonthly Tokyo electro, new wave and dance music party Switched On! will have its second anniversary event at Kichijoji Fourth Floor on the 28th of August. As always, Call And Response's very own me will be there as a DJ, as will all manner of other, better, DJs and a handful of live acts.

Full event details here:

8/28 (Fri) Kichijoji Fourth Floor
8:00 P.M. - 5:00 A.M.
2000yen (including 1 drink)
* Members of the Switched On! mixi
community can get in for 2000yen (including 2 drinks)

Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)
Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)
Katsumi Suzuki
Takayuki Tonegawa (Wicky Records)
Kovacs (Petit Mit)
higuma (bluebadge label, Free Design
Yajima (Coconuts Disk)
Mince (The Frap Frap Fraps)

analogy and digitalian




The Frap Frap Fraps

This event goes on for nine whole hours, so come prepared to dance your poor little feet off. Alternatively, just arrive late or leave early. It's all up to yourself.

Monday 3 August 2009

Fashion Crisis (August 2009)

This month's Fashion Crisis is tonight (August 3rd), with the usual behind-the-scenes chaos and disorder. As usual, myself and Metropolis' own James Hadfield will DJ, and of course Candles will perform.

However, the lovely Puffy Shoes were forced into cancelling last week for certain reasons (get well soon, Azumi!) and a bit of a palaver ensued. Fortunately Fujiko More has agreed to step in at the last minute and perform in their place. One crisis over, another to begin, er, as it were. Then lastly, we have DJ extraordinaire Evil Penguin joining us to pound our listeners into submission with his genre-busting party tunes or whatever he's planning to play. In any case, it'll be worth it.

Date: August 3rd 2009
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Place: Koenji Bar One
Cost: FREE
Live: Candles / Fujiko More
DJs: Evil Penguin / James Hadfield / Ian Martin

Sunday 2 August 2009

C.A.R. stuff reviewed on the Internets

On some random 5 A.M. Internet rambling I ran into some stuff about Hyacca (百蚊) on ZB's A-Z of J-Music, which compares them to Midori (ミドリ)and Toddle, neither of which are bands I'm sure I deem worthy to shine Hyacca's boots, but it would be churlish to suggest that there are absolutely no similarities.

Roam in Octave gushes about Hyacca as well, and also takes in Mir in an earlier post. To top things off, they describe C.A.R. as "a totally awesome record label that you should all support monetarily" (bold text mine), which just makes it all the more tragic that the site seems to have drifted into oblivion since January. Come back!