Saturday 30 January 2016

Fashion Crisis (February 2016)

This will be the last Fashion Crisis for a while, with the event taking its first break in seven years of unbroken monthly events while Ian goes travelling. To help sweeten the bitter pill of this absence, we are putting on an extra special noistravaganza with three terrific live acts.

Joining the event will be no wave noise-punk band Ms.Machine, one-man vocal noise act Kazehito Seko (from Omawarisan), and post-hardcore duo Bumbums.

Place: Koenji DOM Studio
Date: February 5th (Fri)
Time: 8:00pm-midnight
Cost: ¥1000 (no drink charge / bring your own)
- Ms.Machine
- Kazehito
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

Friday 22 January 2016

TENSION! (January 23rd, 2016)



このイベントで鳴り響く音楽は、ずばり「緊張(Tension)づくし」だ―精密さ vs 無謀さ、構造 vs 無秩序、コンセプト vs 直感、精神 vs 身体。これらの2極がこのイベントを通じ、交わり輝かしく完璧な瞬間に変わっていくことだろう!

The most exciting music is always about tension. Tension can come from forces pulling apart or pushing together ― it creates friction and uncertainty, it twists and contorts music, it throws up surprises and delights, and it fills music with energy, sometimes repressed and sometimes released with explosive force.

Tension also exists between performer and audience, each giving something, but each also living the experience in their own particular way, with their own desires and passions. The tension that exists during a live performance is like the tension between lovers ― the desire to please and the need to please yourself intertwining to create a unique thrill.

The music at this event is all about tension ― precision versus recklessness, structure versus disorder, concept versus intuition, mind versus body ― and unifying those opposing forces into one glorious, twisted, perfect moment. Be ready to rock strangely!

Future MusicをオーガナイズしてきたテッセンドリコのメンバーであるマユミとCall And Response Recordsのイアンはここ数年の間、同じような音楽性のライブイベントを別々に企画してきました。ある意味、今回チームを組んだのは自然な流れで、日本中にいる大好きなバンドを集め、何か大きなことが起こることを願ってます。このイベントはアーティーなパーティーですが、無理にはしゃがなくても、無理にカッコつけなくてもよいのです!ご来場お待ちしてます!

Through the Future Music events and Call And Response Records, Mayumi and Ian have been for years independently promoting similar kinds of events. In a way, it was natural to team up for this show, bringing together bands we love from all over Japan in the hope of making something bigger and better. We want to show that you don't have to be funny to be fun, you don't have to be hip to be cool, and you can still be arty and party!

Date: 1/23 (Sat)
Place: Shibuya Milkyway
Time: 15:30 open / 16:00 start
Cost: ¥2000 (+ 1 drink order)
- Melt Banana (Tokyo)
- 百蚊 (Fukuoka)
- Jailbird Y (Hiroshima/Yamaguchi)
- マクマナマン (Fukuoka)
- BLONDnewHALF (Kobe)
- Waikiki Champions (Sendai)
- o'summer vacation (Kyoto)
- PINPLE(Tokyo)
- Bang The Noise
- chiLLaLone (a.k.a PLUSNUG)
- Daizo Hirano

Thursday 7 January 2016

Fashion Crisis (January 2016)


Having said farewell to our original home of Koenji One last month, we're back without missing a beat to see in 2016 at nearby Amp Café. Come join us for an evening of eclectic musical idiocy and enjoyment.

Also Happy New Year!

Place: Koenji Amp Café
Date: January 8th (Fri)
Time: 8:00pm-midnight
Cost: ¥500+1 drink
- Bass Adventure CoBro
- Konatsu
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin