Wednesday 31 October 2012

Dancing After 1AM gets some love from Tsutaya

Yukari from Kobayashi Dorori found this display in her local branch of the video and CD store Tsutaya in Kumamoto, so thanks to them for pushing it like that. It looks like the other albums on the display are Drugorbaseball by MacManaman, who also feature on DA1AM, and 51 Records' compilation/split album Underrated, featuring Lillies & Remains, Sekaitekina Band and Purple. All in all rather nice company to be in.

Fashion Crisis (November 2012)

Helping Fashion Crisis ease its way into the coming winter, our psychedelic friends Soh from new wave noise merchants Hysteric Picnic and Xiroh from kraut-blues groove panthers Buddy Girl and Mechanic will be joining the regular team to weave their sensual spectral sonic soundscapes. Join us.

Date: November 2nd (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00pm-last train
Cost: FREE
- Soh (Hysteric Picnic)
- Xiroh (Buddy Girl and Mechanic)
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

Thursday 18 October 2012

Dancing After 1AM (CAR-84) NOW AVAILABLE

2. ポップコーン畑に黒い影 - ANISAKIS
3. Collapsing New Buildings - Extruders
4. Saturday-Athletica - スロウマリコ
5. シェパード - 小林どろり
6. Carnival - cynicalsmileisyourfavorite
8. ユネコ - 百蚊
9. Michael in Utero - macmanaman
10. Oh My God - Puffyshoes
11. Deacon Punk - JEBIOTTO
12. 反転 - otori
13. Nature Blessings - New House
14. Abekobe - Hysteric Picnic
15. Long Ways - She Talks Silence
16. 邂逅の音 - 経立
17. fuji - the mornings
18. Dance - MIR

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File-Under Records (Nagoya)
Tower Records
Amazon Japan
Bridge inc.

Friday 5 October 2012


Dancing After 1AM arrived yesterday! It'll start appearing in shops from the 17th but you can get it early by coming to the release party at Higashi-Koenji 20000V tomorrow. The event opens at 4pm and the first band is on at 4:30 (details here).

Thursday 4 October 2012

Fashion Crisis (October 2012)

Just a quick note to remind you that despite the release party and related shenanigans on Saturday, Fashion Crisis will be occurring at its usual time of 8pm on the first Friday. Canada's Gawd will play live, with Dutch DJ maestro Romantic Harp and Flute with Dolphins joining us behind the decks.

Date: October 5th (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00-last train
Cost: FREE
- gawd
Romantic Harp and Flute with Dolphins
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin