Wednesday 25 February 2015

Telephone Club (February 28th, 2015)

For our first live event of the label's ten year anniversary year, Call And Response Records' live showcase event Telephone Club is back with a vengeance with this barrage of spiky, spooky, spunky, psychedelic and postpunk electric mayhem.

Place: Koenji Penguin House
Date: February 28th (Sat)
Time: 18:30-22:30
Cost: ¥1800+drink (adv) / ¥2000+drink (door)
- Hysteric Picnic
- 経立/Futtachi (from Kagoshima)
- No Signals
- ウサギスパイラルアー/Usagi Spiral A
- Umez
- Sue (Rhyming Slang)


Hysteric Picnic

No Signals


Usagi Spiral A

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Fashion Crisis (February 2015)

After last month's event that somehow didn't get posted on this blog (it featured Blimps Go 90, Gloomy, and DJs Sachiko from Umez and Ryotaro from lots of things), we're having a lo-fi Fashion Crisis this month, welcoming the spectral ambient folk drone stylings of the ever-mysterious Under, while BGM捕鯨 of indie scuzzgaze masters Slowmarico returns for the second time as guest DJ.

Place: Koenji One
Date: February 6th (Fri)
Time: 8:00pm-midnight
Cost: ¥500+1 drink (FREE before 9:00pm)
- Under
- BGM捕鯨 (Slowmarico)
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin