Friday 10 October 2014

Tententen: Mégalithisme (October 18th, 2014)

October's Tententen explores the monoliths, megaliths and henges of empires past and present through the contrasting electronic-industrial claustrophobia of LIF (solo work by Soh from Hysteric Picnic) and rural psychedelic drone of Under. Guest DJ is Sue from Rhyming Slang, while the Pink Lodge this month features art by Ada Flores-Vidal.

Place: Koenji Art Bar 天/Ten
Date: 10/19 (Sun)
Time: 8:00pm
Cost: ¥500+1 drink
- Under
- Sue (Rhyming Slang)
- Gotal (Lo-shi)
- Ian Martin
- Ada Flores-Vidal