Friday 21 December 2012

Call And Response 2013 "IMMORAL DISCO" TOUR! (Dancing After 1AM releasetour!)

1/25 (金) 鹿児島 IFFスタジオ:
オープン19:30 / スタート20:00
チケット: ¥1000
ライブ: Hysteric Picnic (東京) / 経立 / 下水丸 / The Murder Case / ロピタルス + more

1/26 (土) 熊本 ナバロ (オールナイト):
オープン20:00 / スタート20:30
チケット: ¥1800+ドリンク
LIVE: Hysteric Picnic (東京) / The Mornings (東京) / 経立 (鹿児島) / cynicalsmileisyourfavorite / 小林どろり / 百蚊 (福岡) / z/nz (福岡) / 石頭地蔵 / Doit Science / カルトス / 白痴 (佐賀) / Chainsaw TV (福岡) / i-wa
DJs: TKC (マクマナマン) / Ian Martin (Call And Response)

1/27 (Sun) 福岡、薬院 Utero:
オープン 17:30 / スタート 18:00
チケット: ¥1800+ドリンク
LIVE: Hysteric Picnic (東京) / MIR (東京) / 小林どろり (熊本) / 百蚊 / 泣き顔ツインテール (佐賀) / DELTAS / 群青色故。
DJs: TKC (マクマナマン) / Ian Martin (Call And Response)

*      *     *

3/15 (金) 名古屋 K.D.ハポン:
オープン18:30 / スタート19:00
チケット: ¥1800+ドリンク
LIVE: TACOBONDS (東京) / マクマナマン (福岡) / POP-OFFICE / フリーダム

Thursday 13 December 2012

More Dancing After 1AM press coverage (en français!)

Another review of Dancing After 1AM has been published, this time in French on the web magazine Pinkushion. It's the longest, most detailed and thoughtful piece on the CD yet, and it's heartening to know, after all the work it took to make it happen, that there are people out there listening this seriously and giving it this level of attention.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Dancing After 1AM update...

Call And Response Records' 2012 compilation album Dancing After 1AM should be available at a couple of our favourite Tokyo indie dealerships at the moment. Shibuya DIY store Violet and Claire has taken possession of a few copies, as has Koenji underground record shop Enban.

Neither of them seems to have the album listed on their web site, so online shoppers might have problems with them. Remember, you can still get hold of it from these online outlets:

-Disk Union
-File-Under Records (Nagoya)
-Tower Records

-Amazon Japan
-Bridge inc.

While the Japanese language press in Tokyo have been conspicuously silent about it, the compilation has been picked up by some of the English language media, with largely positive reviews appearing in a handful of sources.

-Tokyo's Coolest Sound
-Make Believe Melodies (English/Japanese)

Fukuoka-based listings magazine Time Market also ran a feature on the compilation in their print edition:
There are reports coming in of radio airplay and podcast appearances in the UK and US from various outlets, which has also been heartening, if a little frustrating given the lack of distribution overseas and the frozen state of our online store. Contact me on carrecords [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll be happy to arrange something via PayPal.

Fashion Crisis (December 2012)

This is the last Fashion Crisis of 2012, or the official start of the bonenkai season, as it is sometimes known. Joining us are discopop DJ kittens 3TE1, punk princess Nana Oshima, and tireless blogger/whispertronica expert Patrick St. Michel funk distractor Ryan Erik Williams.

Place: Koenji One
Date: 7th December (Fri)
Time: 8:00pm-last train
Cost: FREE
- 3TE1
- Patrick St. Michel (Make Believe Melodies)
- Ryan Erik Williams (NEW!)
- Nana Oshima
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Trinitron: Après Garde (CAR-81) -- Now Online!

Trinitron have finished mixing their latest mini-album, which is available in its entirety to listen to or download for free on Soundcloud.

Trinitron: Après Garde (CAR-81)

Matt Schley took the lovely photo of Kaname that we used in the sleeve, so thanks to him for letting us use it. There are six tracks on this release and it was mostly written and recorded in the usual frantic just-before-Miha-and-Zana-leave-for-Slovenia-again circumstances. That's not an excuse, that's how the group does its best work. Actually it's the only way they do any work.

1. My Boring Feelings

This is at its heart one of those typical elitist indie songs lambasting the blandness and meaningless of mainstream pop. In this case the trigger was the way so many Japanese pop songs seem to insist on singing about how great friends are. Now friends are mostly boring and tend to be people we take for granted most of the time, so the lyrics focus on that aspect. Originally it was meant to be a more aggressive, glam rock-influenced track, but we could never quite get that to work (although the rhythm still has that sort of "schaffel beat" swing to it) and it ended up just sounding like us, i.e. something electronic happening and two girls with funny accents talking over it.

2. Music to Watch Boys By

This one came out of listening way to much to You Know It's True by Milli Vanilli, so the challenge was taking this pretty definitively late-80s/early-90s beat and bringing the song back into some sort of world at least slightly consistent with our new wave-influenced way of doing things. The spoken word intro was a parody of the way CL from K-Pop quartet 2NE1 always does these really sassy intros to their songs. The lyrics pretty much describe exactly what vocalists Kaname K and Zana C get up to when they're in India or out at festivals and things in Japan, but I thought there was an interesting wrinkle in there in that feminism and orientalism are sort of opposed in the kind of dynamic they're describing.

3. One Great Year in Tsukuba

This was an attempt to do a full-on acid house track, plus we'd been listening a lot over the past year to capsule's ridiculous World of Fantasy album, so we sort of challenged ourselves to something that would match it for sheer crassness and idiotic simplicity. The "one great year in Tsukuba" of the title was the year Zana C's sister spent as an exchange student in the Japanese countryside, all of whose stories seemed to begin with people drinking too much and end in someone being sick.

4. Liquidi Liquids

This is probably the strangest song on the album, and it was influenced by the mad, stick-it-together-and-see-what-comes-out approach that seems to characterise German new wave band Liaisons Dangereuses' excellent self-titled album. The title is from a sign at Venice Marco Polo Airport and the lyrics are probably the most abstract but also the most political, coming out of some thoughts about Eurozone economics, the rise of nationalism in economic crises and Italian football. It's the combination of something ostensibly silly concealing something quite specific and serious that interested me about it.

5. Kids and Girls

It's kind of a tradition for Trinitron albums to have one song that the two girls do as a sort of romantic duet. This one plays out on a TV screen between two pop idols doing a saucy, lesbian-themed photo shoot or music video, ostensibly for the benefit of the male audience, but what they've noticed is that the world inside the TV, with its obsessive fetishising of youth and femininity is the real world, while the audience outside the TV set don't really exist. They're just eyes on stalks, doomed only to watch. It's probably the only song on the album that we approached completely straight, without joking around. We still tried to fuck it up a bit with some noise, a la Orange Zero by Movietone or anything by Japan's excellent Extruders, but we were still honestly trying to make something genuinely eerie and pretty.

6. Aus With the Ausgang

This is another NDW-influenced track, and it's a celebration of Tokyo's indie/underground nightlife. There's a classic old mod song that goes, "I'm in with the in crowd..." and you know, we have our little group of weirdos we hang out with but we're definitely not in with any "in crowd", so we figured we must be aus with the ausgang instead. The beat's one of those fierce, driving, DAF style drum and sequencer combos, and the lyrics are a deliberate jumble of images ripped out of context into a sort of chaotic mess that mirrors what my brain often feels like at the end of another long weekend. There are shout-outs to a lot of the live venues and bars we hang out with, especially in Koenji (One, Studio DOM, 20000V, Enban, the UFO Club, Bamii) but also other places (Echo in Shibuya and Ausland in Berlin) and mates' bands or events (Youth is Wasted, Twee Grrrls ClubZibanchinka). I know it's self-indulgent to talk about this here, but they all deserve credit for being awesome.

Sunday 25 November 2012

Trinitron back catalogue free to download

A quick note that in advance of the release of idiolectual synthwave collective Trinitron's forthcoming Apres Garde mini-album, all their earlier releases have been made available to download for free from Soundcloud. To be honest, we should have done it earlier, but that's the way these things go sometimes. You can get it all, including the More Real Than News EP, the Subsidence mini-album, and two idol pop covers that were done for Call And Response Valentine's compilation projects. Get it all from the Trinitron Soundcloud page.

Friday 9 November 2012

Dancing After 1AM - Kyushu release tour January 2013

One of the notable features of the Dancing After 1AM compilation was that it was well supported by artists from Kyushu, with five bands in total from the westernmost of Japan's main islands contributing tracks. As a result, in January we're bringing the noise and doing a short release tour in Kyushu.

There are three dates, although the lineups are still to be decided:

Call And Response Records: IMMORAL DISCO TOUR!
(Dancing After 1AM compilation release tour)

1/25 (Fri) Kagoshima IFF Studio:
Open 7:30pm / Start 8:00pm
Cost: ¥1000
LIVE: Hysteric Picnic (Tokyo) / Futtachi / Gesui Maru / The Murder Case / Lopitals + more

1/26 (Sat) Kumamoto Navaro (all-night event):
Open 8:00pm / Start 8:30pm
Cost: ¥1800
LIVE: Hysteric Picnic (Tokyo) / The Mornings (Tokyo) / Futtachi (Kagoshima) / cynicalsmileisyourfavorite / Kobayashi Dorori / Hyacca (Fukuoka) / z/nz (Fukuoka) / Ishiatamazizo / Doit Science / Cultos
DJs: TKC (macmanaman) / Ian Martin (Call And Response)

1/27 (Sun) Fukuoka Utero:
Open 5:30pm / Start 6:00pm
Cost ¥1800
LIVE: Hysteric Picnic (Tokyo) / Mir (Tokyo) / Kobayashi Dorori (Kumamoto) / Nakigao Twintail (Saga) / Hyacca / DELTAS / Gunjouiroyue
DJs: TKC (macmanaman) / Ian Martin (Call And Response)

Wednesday 7 November 2012

KILL YOUR SEMPAI - Burning Down Koenji One Vol.1 (November 18th 2012)

A technicolor collision of DJs, moving pictures, live music and idiot art in the dark, beating heart of Koenji, Kill Your Sempai! features a parade of synthesized but by no means synthetic urban alienation and barbed songcraft, eclectic DJ eccentrica and cartoon-situationist antipop-art.

Event: KILL YOUR SEMPAI! - Burning Down Koenji One Vol.1
Place: Koenji One
Date: November 18th (Sun)
Time: 7:00pm-last train
- Mir
- Fidel Villeneuve
- Lo-shi
- Soh (Hysteric Picnic)
- Ian Martin
- Gotal
- Arbuste
- Vieux Ralouf
- Ian Martin

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Praha Depart Europe Tour November/December 2012

Psychedelic postpunks and friends of the label Praha Depart are back in Europe for a tour this month and the beginning of next, this time finally including some dates in their namesake city of Prague as well as their first ever UK shows. Europeans, for God's sake get out and see them!

  • 8th: Gromka (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • 9th: Kino Udarnik (Maribor, Slovenia)
  • 11th: TBA/Internet radio (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • 12th: Chapeau Rouge (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • 13th: Bazina-Klub (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • 14th: Knochenbox (Berlin, Germany)
  • 18th: De Onderbroek (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  • 22nd: Autonomes Zentrum (Aachen, Germany)
  • 23rd:The Bull & Gate (London, UK)
  • 24th: TBA
  • 25th: Power Lunches  (London, UK)
  • 30th: TBA

  • 1st: TBA (Crnomelj, Slovenia)
  • 2nd: TBA (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Dancing After 1AM gets some love from Tsutaya

Yukari from Kobayashi Dorori found this display in her local branch of the video and CD store Tsutaya in Kumamoto, so thanks to them for pushing it like that. It looks like the other albums on the display are Drugorbaseball by MacManaman, who also feature on DA1AM, and 51 Records' compilation/split album Underrated, featuring Lillies & Remains, Sekaitekina Band and Purple. All in all rather nice company to be in.

Fashion Crisis (November 2012)

Helping Fashion Crisis ease its way into the coming winter, our psychedelic friends Soh from new wave noise merchants Hysteric Picnic and Xiroh from kraut-blues groove panthers Buddy Girl and Mechanic will be joining the regular team to weave their sensual spectral sonic soundscapes. Join us.

Date: November 2nd (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00pm-last train
Cost: FREE
- Soh (Hysteric Picnic)
- Xiroh (Buddy Girl and Mechanic)
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

Thursday 18 October 2012

Dancing After 1AM (CAR-84) NOW AVAILABLE

2. ポップコーン畑に黒い影 - ANISAKIS
3. Collapsing New Buildings - Extruders
4. Saturday-Athletica - スロウマリコ
5. シェパード - 小林どろり
6. Carnival - cynicalsmileisyourfavorite
8. ユネコ - 百蚊
9. Michael in Utero - macmanaman
10. Oh My God - Puffyshoes
11. Deacon Punk - JEBIOTTO
12. 反転 - otori
13. Nature Blessings - New House
14. Abekobe - Hysteric Picnic
15. Long Ways - She Talks Silence
16. 邂逅の音 - 経立
17. fuji - the mornings
18. Dance - MIR

Disk Union
File-Under Records (Nagoya)
Tower Records
Amazon Japan
Bridge inc.

Friday 5 October 2012


Dancing After 1AM arrived yesterday! It'll start appearing in shops from the 17th but you can get it early by coming to the release party at Higashi-Koenji 20000V tomorrow. The event opens at 4pm and the first band is on at 4:30 (details here).

Thursday 4 October 2012

Fashion Crisis (October 2012)

Just a quick note to remind you that despite the release party and related shenanigans on Saturday, Fashion Crisis will be occurring at its usual time of 8pm on the first Friday. Canada's Gawd will play live, with Dutch DJ maestro Romantic Harp and Flute with Dolphins joining us behind the decks.

Date: October 5th (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00-last train
Cost: FREE
- gawd
Romantic Harp and Flute with Dolphins
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Koenji Pop Festival ("Dancing After 1AM" release party) -- October 6th 2012


To celebrate the forthcoming release of Call And Response's new compilation album, Dancing After 1AM, as well as providing an early opportunity to get your hands on the CD, we've managed to rope in nearly half the bands off the album for an epic live extravaganza at our favourite venue, Higashi-Koenji 20000V.


Event: Koenji Pop Festival ("Dancing After 1AM" release party)
Date: 10/6 (Sat)
Time: 4:00pm open/4:30pm start
Price: ¥2000 adv/¥2300 door
- She Talks Silence
- Hysteric Picnic
- Jebiotto!
- Extruders
- Anisakis
- Slow-Marico
- Futtachi/経立 (from Kagoshima)
- Mir
- Tomo (Style Band Tokyo)
- Methyl (Twee Grrrls Club)
- Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)

She Talks Silence

We're also having a special after-party at Koenji One from midnight, hosted by Call And Response's good friends (and pretty much our house DJs over the past year or so) Youth is Wasted.

Hysteric Picnic

Event: Youth is Wasted presents "Dancing After 1AM" after-party
Date: 10/6 (Sat)
Place: Koenji One
Price: Free
- NAH&Sue
- Tack Terror
- Komlasaki
- Juan (Scum School)
- Izumi (Slow-Marico)
- Masatoo (drwng)

Sunday 16 September 2012

Dancing After 1AM is ready to go! October 17th release date!

「Dancing After 1AM」は現代における日本のポストパンク、ニューウェーブを代表する一連のアーティストを集めた新しいコンピレーションアルバム。

"Dancing After 1AM" is a new compilation album bringing together a range of the the finest exponents of contemporary Japanese postpunk and new wave.

リズムで半狂乱に襲いかかるThe Morningsや、壊れやすくミニマリストなポストパンクバンドExtruders。そして60'sガールガレージパンクグループPuffyshoes、ヘビーかつサイケノイズを奏でる経立etc。このコンピには、昔ながらのアートロッカーズの心までもわし掴みにするような、止まることないクリエイティブエナジーが注ぎ込まれている。

From the frantic rhythmical assault of The Mornings, through the fragile, minimalist postpunk of Extruders and the 60s girl-group garage punk of Puffyshoes, to the heavy, psychedelic noise of Futtachi, the album covers a range of sounds, all linked by a restless, creative energy that captures the spirit of the classic art-rockers of the past while providing a wide ranging portrait of the state of the Japanese alternative scene in 2012.


The album includes all new recordings from 18 bands. Included on the CD are songs by:

2. ポップコーン畑に黒い影 - ANISAKIS
3. Collapsing New Buildings - Extruders
4. Saturday-Athletica - スロウマリコ
5. シェパード - 小林どろり
6. Carnival - cynicalsmileisyourfavorite
8. ユネコ - 百蚊
9. Michael in Utero - macmanaman
10. Oh My God - Puffyshoes
11. Deacon Punk - JEBIOTTO
12. 反転 - otori
13. Nature Blessings - New House
14. Abekobe - Hysteric Picnic
15. Long Ways - She Talks Silence
16. 邂逅の音 - 経立
17. fuji - the mornings
18. Dance - MIR

Friday 24 August 2012

"Dancing After 1AM" compilation album update

Call And Responseによる新たなコンピレーションCDDancing After 1AM」は予定通り、リリースに向けて制作進行中!
徐々に音源も集まってきてまして、早速Pop OfficeAnisakisPuffyshoesShe Talks Silenceの素晴らしい完成版トラックが到着しました!
Work on Call And Response's new "Dancing After 1AM" compilation is ongoing, and parts of it are starting to come together. Excellent tracks from Pop Office, Anisakis, Puffyshoes and She Talks Silence have already been delivered with more currently being mixed.

また、熊本からcynicalsmileisyourfavorite小林どろり、東京からはMirスロウマリコ もコンピ参加決定!
さらに、鹿児島からアングラ・スーパーグループの経立(Lubic Cave House、Wood、地盤沈下のメンバーによるバンド)や、東京シンセパンクトリオのJebiotto!の音源も収録されます。経立とJebiotto!はコンピリリースパーティーにも参加します。
In addition to the bands already announced, cynicalsmileisyourfavorite and Kobayashi Dorori from Kumamoto will feature, as well as Mir and Slow-Marico from Tokyo. Kagoshima underground supergroup Futtachi (featuring members of Lubic Cave House, Wood and Zibanchinka) are also taking part, as are Tokyo synth-punk trio Jebiotto!, both of whom will play the album release party at Higashi-Koenji 20000V on October 6th.

There are still some details to be finalised, and more bands to be announced, so keep your eyes on this space!

Event: Koenji Pop Festival ("Dancing After 1AM" release party)
Date: 10/6 (Sat)
Place: Higashi-Koenji 20000V
Time: 16:00-23:00
Cost: 2000yen adv/2300yen door
Bands: She Talks Silence / Hysteric Picnic / Extruders / Jebiotto! /
Anisakis / Futtachi (Kagoshima) / + more
DJs: Tomo (Style Band Tokyo) / Methyl (Twee Grrrls Club) / Ian Martin
(Call And Response Records)

Event: Youth is Wasted presents: Dancing After 1AM After-Party
Date: 10/6 (Sat)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 24:00-05:00
Cost: FREE!
DJs: Youth is Wasted (NAH&Sue, Gosuke, Komlaski) / Masatoo / Juan Hasegawa

Friday 3 August 2012

New Call And Response compilation album this autumn!

Call And Response Records9月下旬~10月上旬に日本のポストパンク/オルタナ/ニューウェーヴなバンドを集めた、コンピレーションCDをリリースします!

Call And Response Records are preparing a new compilation of Japanese postpunk, new wave and alternative music for late September/early October release.

CDタイトルは「Dancing After 1AM」。東京はもちろん国内における、現在のインディー/アンダーグラウンドシーンからのエキサイティングなサウンドが集結。

Entitled "Dancing After 1AM", it will feature some of the most exciting sounds of the current indie/underground scene from Tokyo and around Japan.

リリースパーティは2012106()東高円寺二万電圧(Higashi-Koenji 20000V)で開催!She Talks SilenceHysteric PicnicAnisakisExtrudersほか出演予定。さらにこれらのバンドに加え、TacobondsPop OfficeThe MorningsOtori百蚊New House他の新音源がコンピCDに収録されます。

A release party will be held at Higashi-Koenji 20000V (Den-Atsu) on October 6th, featuring She Talks SilenceHysteric PicnicAnisakisExtruders and more. In addition to these bands, the album will also feature new recordings from TacobondsPop OfficeThe MorningsOtoriHyaccaNew House, and much more.


Keep your eyes on this space for more details to be announced over the coming month!

Fashion Crisis (August 2012)

Fashion Crisis' August party promises an eclectic selection of cosmic sci-fi trance-hop courtesy of rap Olympian N'toko, lo-fi broken idol eccentrica from Shouchou and more from DJ Methyl's bag of tricks. James and Ian will back them up with their usual seamless blend of folk-noisetronica, EBM and mutant disco scuzz.

Date: August 3rd (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00-last train

Cost: FREE
- N'toko
- Shouchou
- Methyl (Twee Grrrls Club)
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

Thursday 19 July 2012

N'toko / Jebiotto! / Kaki - Kyushu tour July 20th-22nd 2012

Call And Response are on tour in Kyushu this weekend, with three dates featuring N'toko including one with Kaki and two with Jebiotto!, as well as a couple with Ian DJing. The Fukuoka date also features isLAICHELS, the new band of Shuichi Inoue of Folk Enough, RIM, a tribute band to Call And Response legends Mir, old friends Fake Girl Nott, electronic noiseniks Deltas, and discopop duo Amorphous. A whole lot of new faces will join us in Kitakyushu, including Hynouma, who seem fascinating in a messed-up Amon Duul II art-psych sort of way, while Cultos from Kumamoto, a new band featuring a couple of old pals I'm excited to see, will join us for the final date.

Any Kyushu people around at this time, come and check out our shit, man.

Date: July 20th (Fri)
Place: Yakuin Utero, Fukuoka
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: 1500 + drink
Live: N'toko (Slovenia) / Kaki (Slovenia) / Deltas / Fake Girl Nott / Amorphous / RIM / isLAICHELS
DJs: Emix / Ian Martin (Tokyo)

Date: July 21st (Sat)
Place: UN Kokura, Kitakyushu
Time: 6:00pm
Cost: 1500/2000 + drink
Live: N'toko (Slovenia) / Jebiotto! (Tokyo) / Hynouma / Tarjeeling / Uchuu Service / Spectacles

Date: July 22nd (Sun)
Place: Navaro, Kumamoto
Time: 8:00pm
Cost: 1800/2000 + drink
Live: N'toko (Slovenia) / Jebiotto! (Tokyo) / hwyl / Dia Syndicate / Cultos
DJs: Ian Martin (Tokyo) / Zana Caroline (Slovenia)

Sunday 8 July 2012

Telephone Club (Friday, July 13th)

July is birthday month at Call And Response, with Ian, N'toko and Zana Caroline all celebrating their special days at round the same time. This party also counts as a sort of tour opener with N'toko and Jebiotto! heading off to Kyushu the following weekend for some shochu and mentaiko-fuelled adventures.

The A and B studios will feature live acts while the G studio will be staffed by CAR's good friends from Youth is Wasted. It's OK to bring in your own drinks, or you can buy them from the studio staff pretty cheaply anyway, so come along and enjoy!

Place: Koenji DOM Studio (A, B & G studios)
Date: July 13th (Fri)
Time: 24:00-05:00
Cost: 1500円
- N'toko
- Jebiotto!
- Satoru Ono Band
- Kyu-shoku
- Lihappiness
- Mars & Eye
- Kaki
- Youth is Wasted (NAH&SUE, Komlaski, Gosuke)

Friday 6 July 2012

Fashion Crisis (July 2012)

July's Fashion Crisis welcomes our good friends from Slovenia, N'toko and Zana. N'toko will be behind the decks, possibly playing some combination of glittering electronic dancefloor smoothness and grimy floor-humping sick-hop, while Zana's dark electropop alter ego Kaki will be performing live.

Joining them and regular DJs James Hadfield and Ian Martin will be a solo live performance from disco butterfly Canopies & Drapes.

Date: July 6th (Fri)
Place: Koenji One
Time: 8:00pm-last train
Cost: FREE
- Kaki
- N'toko
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin