Wednesday 13 August 2014

NEW RELEASE! Jebiotto: Love Song Duet

Call And Response Records' second new release of the day comes from synth-punk trio Jebiotto. The mini-album Love Song Duet comes out just as the band are coming off the back of a U.S. East Coast tour and showcases the central friction between the group's punk instincts and their love of pop. I've described them variously as "three punks who set out to be an 80s stadium band but got lost somewhere between Dan Deacon and Sonic Youth," "like Bon Jovi wrapped in tin foil, falling down some stairs," and "like TM Network in a washing machine with some rocks" so you might be able to see a theme emerging there of big, bold 80s sounds that the band can't help but sabotage.

Love Song Duet (CAR-76)
1. Sequential TomTomCats
3. Pa Pa Pa Emotion
4. Start Today
5. AxNxC
6. We can dAnce


NEW RELEASE! 経立 / Futtachi: Tane to Zenra (CAR-74)

Those who bought Call And Response's 2012 Dancing After 1AM compilation might remember Futtachi as the new project that Zibanchinka vocalist Iguz Souseki had just started. More recently, they made an appearance on our free Valentine's Day download where 21 bands covered Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Those brief glimpses of the band showed a bunch of musicians with a taste for psychedelia, but Tane to Zenra goes way further. The album is a single 30-minute track, composed of washes of kosmische sound held together by a throbbing, almost industrial rhythm. Futtachi have toured in Kyushu with Bo Ningen, but on the evidence of this, they're now taking psychedelia to deeper, more abstract extremes. We're putting out the album in collaboration with the band's own Baku no Yume Records label.

Tane to Zenra (CAR-74)
1. 過去を想う者が見た夢 / Kako wo Omou-mono ga Mita Yume


Wednesday 6 August 2014

Tententen: il a un an (August 9th, 2014)

Nous avons un an! Due to schedule issues, we're holding this month's Tententen (our first anniversary event!) on Saturday the 9th of August rather than our usual 3rd Sunday timetable, but please come along anyway. Joining us live are Troglobytes and Steel Music, while Gotal, Ralouf and Ian will all be DJing.

Place: Koenji Art Bar 天/Ten
Date: 8/9 (Sat)
Time: 8:00pm
Cost: ¥500+1 drink
- Troglobytes
- steel music (zoo tapes)
- Gotal (Lo-shi)
- Ralouf (Lo-shi)
- Ian Martin
- Lignon

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Jebiotto: Drunk and Confused

In advance of the release of Jebiotto's new Love Song Duet (CAR-76) album, they worked with longtime Call And Response visual collaborator Matt Schley and indiscriminately skilled talent-about-town Ryotaro Aoki to make this short documentary introducing the band, featuring live footage from legendary Koenji live house 20000V (Ni-man Den-atsu).

Friday 1 August 2014

Fashion Crisis (August 2014)

It's the first Friday of the month, so that means our monthly DJ lounge Fashion Crisis is on tonight at our usual haunts of Koenji One. Joining us for our August edition are special UK Guest Simon Fowler (NOT the guy from Ocean Colour Scene, thankfully) and friend of the event DJ Rally of the bands Han Han Art and soon-to-be-legendary Tropical Deathmetal.

Place: Koenji One
Date: August 1st (Fri)
Time: 8:00pm-midnight
Cost: ¥500+1 drink (FREE before 9:00pm)
- Simon Fowler (UK)
- Rally (Han Han Art / Tropical Deathmetal)
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin

New releases from Call And Response this August + Jebiotto U.S. Tour news!

Coming out this month simultaneously on August 13th are two new albums by bands who debuted on the label as part of 2012's Dancing After 1AM compilation album.

First up is Jebiotto's Love Song Duet (CAR-76), the Tokyo synth-punk band's second mini-album and first with Call And Response. Jebiotto are currently just about to kick off a short U.S. East Coast tour with American mates Warm & Comfy.

Our second new release is Kagoshima psychedelic supergroup Futtachi's Tane to Zenra (CAR-74). Vocalist Iguz Souseki's previous band Zibanchinka released their album Hatsubai Chushi through Call And Response in 2011, racing through 15 tracks in a breakneck 28 minutes. Tane to Zenra, which we're releasing in co-operation with the band's own Baku no Yume Records, features a single track over a more stately 30 minutes.

Both Jebiotto and Futtachi will be appearing at our annual anniversary event at Higashi Koenji 20000V/Ni-man Den-atsu on Saturday September 27th, along with a huge cast of other bands from Tokyo and Kyushu. More details on that to follow.

Lastly, here are the details for Jebiotto's East Coast tour (listed below):

August 2nd (Sat)

Washington DC @ Bathtub Republic (day show - part of "In It Together Fest")
Baltimore, MD @ The Crown (night show)

August 3rd (Sun)
Annapolis, MD @ The Metropolitan

August 4th (Mon)
Asbury Park, NJ @ The Wonder Bar

August 5th (Tue)
Astoria, NY @ Shillelagh Tavern

August 6th (Wed)
Newark, DE @ Blue Door (house show)

August 7th (Thu)
Baltimore, MD @ Club K