Sunday 2 August 2009

C.A.R. stuff reviewed on the Internets

On some random 5 A.M. Internet rambling I ran into some stuff about Hyacca (百蚊) on ZB's A-Z of J-Music, which compares them to Midori (ミドリ)and Toddle, neither of which are bands I'm sure I deem worthy to shine Hyacca's boots, but it would be churlish to suggest that there are absolutely no similarities.

Roam in Octave gushes about Hyacca as well, and also takes in Mir in an earlier post. To top things off, they describe C.A.R. as "a totally awesome record label that you should all support monetarily" (bold text mine), which just makes it all the more tragic that the site seems to have drifted into oblivion since January. Come back!


  1. Hey thanks for not biting my head off/threatening to sue me or anything like that.

    In case you're curious mediafire tracks the number of hits each link gets. The Hyacca album got 63 hits and the Mir one 82 hits. I know I've seen Hyacca up on at least two other blogs as well.

    Totally pumped for new Hyacca album by the way.

  2. I'm kind of ambivalent about people downloading stuff. I mean, I spent thousands of dollars on releasing these CDs so obviously I'd prefer people to pay for them, but one hopes that some of those downloads translate into sales when people hear them.

    82 hits for the This Tiny World is probably more than the total number of sales it's managed to rack up so far though, so it's very tempting to get frustrated and look at that figure and see those downloads as sales lost, so I understand why some people get pissed off. Obviously though, most of those hits are from people who never had any intention of buying it in the first place.

    The new Hyacca album's out now in a few local indie CD shops, and it'll be available through places like Tower, Disk Union and Amazon on October 1st.