Tuesday 9 February 2010

Fashion Crisis: Valentine's Candies Live Special (Friday Feb 12th)

Valentine's Candies is Fashion Crisis' first ever event at a "proper" live house (one with a PA, a stage and all the gear), as well as functioning as a release party for Call And Response's first new release of the year: an album of Japanese indie and underground bands covering the legendary 1970s idol trio The Candies.

A number of Fashion crisis favourites have contributed songs to the CD, including Yamaco (formerly of Her), Umbrella-X, and Candies' near-namesakes Candles. Fashion Crisis/Switched On's regular Slovenian collaborator N'toko and Call And Response's Ian Martin both feature as members of the band Trinitron.

Other bands contributing songs to the CD include eccentric pop duo cottonioo, Fukuoka's ruruxu/sinn, noise trio Jahiliyyah, experimental something or other snip n` zener, post-punk band Uruseeyo, up and coming girly garage punk duo Puffy Shoes, electronic genius Yamanoi Yuzuru, electro rock band Killer Condors, and more super musical things.

The release event will be this coming Friday, featuring some of the musicians who contributed to the CD and all the regular Fashion Crisis people in a broad celebration of the ordinary girls of The Candies.

Date: February 12th 2010
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Place: Koenji Roots
Cost: 1800yen adv / 2000yen door
Live: Candles / Puffy Shoes / Yamanoi Yuzuru / N'toko
DJs: d.o.o.t. (from Jahilliyah + snip n` zener) / James Hadfield / Ian Martin

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