Tuesday 11 January 2011

Telephone Club (January 22nd 2011)

Call And Response's first live showcase of the year, rocking those screechy, distortion-loving no wave sounds. It's damn good stuff, but then I would say that.

Place: Koenji Penguin House
Date: 1/22 (Sat)
Time: 7:00PM Open / 7:30PM Start
Tickets: 1800yen + drink (adv) / 2000yen + drink (door)

- otori - Indecently young and talented post-punk/no wave shrieksters.
- Mir - Synth-based merchants of new wave bleakness.
- tacobonds - Leading lights of stop-start Tokyo avant-power-prog.
- Uruseeyo - Poetic minor chord distortion addicts.
- Saba - Another of Tokyo's youngest and most virile noisemeisters.

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