Wednesday 7 November 2012

KILL YOUR SEMPAI - Burning Down Koenji One Vol.1 (November 18th 2012)

A technicolor collision of DJs, moving pictures, live music and idiot art in the dark, beating heart of Koenji, Kill Your Sempai! features a parade of synthesized but by no means synthetic urban alienation and barbed songcraft, eclectic DJ eccentrica and cartoon-situationist antipop-art.

Event: KILL YOUR SEMPAI! - Burning Down Koenji One Vol.1
Place: Koenji One
Date: November 18th (Sun)
Time: 7:00pm-last train
- Mir
- Fidel Villeneuve
- Lo-shi
- Soh (Hysteric Picnic)
- Ian Martin
- Gotal
- Arbuste
- Vieux Ralouf
- Ian Martin

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