Thursday 6 December 2012

Dancing After 1AM update...

Call And Response Records' 2012 compilation album Dancing After 1AM should be available at a couple of our favourite Tokyo indie dealerships at the moment. Shibuya DIY store Violet and Claire has taken possession of a few copies, as has Koenji underground record shop Enban.

Neither of them seems to have the album listed on their web site, so online shoppers might have problems with them. Remember, you can still get hold of it from these online outlets:

-Disk Union
-File-Under Records (Nagoya)
-Tower Records

-Amazon Japan
-Bridge inc.

While the Japanese language press in Tokyo have been conspicuously silent about it, the compilation has been picked up by some of the English language media, with largely positive reviews appearing in a handful of sources.

-Tokyo's Coolest Sound
-Make Believe Melodies (English/Japanese)

Fukuoka-based listings magazine Time Market also ran a feature on the compilation in their print edition:
There are reports coming in of radio airplay and podcast appearances in the UK and US from various outlets, which has also been heartening, if a little frustrating given the lack of distribution overseas and the frozen state of our online store. Contact me on carrecords [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll be happy to arrange something via PayPal.

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