Friday, 10 May 2013

シンダ シンダ シンダ (Shinda Shinda Shinda) June 15th 2013

Some of the best Japanese postpunk, experimental and alternative rock there is, all under one roof this June. Making a rare visit from Fukuoka, Hyacca make the fiercest, most imaginative and exciting postpunk in the country, and they'll be joined by the legendary kraut-noise of Kuruucrew, the raucous synth-punk of Jebiotto, the chaotic broken alien pop of Mir, and the instrumental avant-pop of must-see up-and-comers I Know The Mouse.

Place: Higashi-Koenji 20000V/二万電圧
Date: 6/15 (Sat)
Time: 18:00-22:00
Cost: ¥2000 adv / ¥2300 door (+drink)
- Hyacca/百蚊
- Kuruucrew/狂うクルー
- Jebiotto
- Mir
- I Know The Mouse
- DJ Memai
- Ian Martin (Call And Response Records)

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