Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a special Valentine's gift for you...

Call And Response Records presents 「チョコくれるのはいいが・・・、何を企んでるんだぁぁ!?!?」 ("Thanks for the chocolate… What's your agenda!?!?"), a compilation of covers by our musical friends of the song Paranoid by Black Sabbath. You can download it free (it's a hefty file at 114mb so may take a long time).

I've written in detail about it over on my personal music blog Clear And Refreshing, so check over there if you want to read more about the background and information about the bands and tracks.


1. Fidel Villeneuve
2. ロア/Loa
3. 経立/Futtachi
4. Human Wife
5. Client/Server:Q
6. Abikyokan
7. うるせぇよ/Uruseeyo
8. Han Han Art, featuring Fukusuke (Owarythm/Nature Danger Gang)
9. Under
10. Artless Note
11. Umez
12. スロウマリコ/Slow-Marico
13. Trinitron (featuring Gloomy and Ryotaro Aoki)
14. Carl Freire
15. Kaki16. Loser & Ribbons
17. Oa (featuring Hatsune Miku)
18. Jahiliyyah
19. 人魂/Hitodama
20. Voided By Geysers
21. Tiny Tide

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