Thursday 28 July 2011

Connect And Receive, July 2011

Call And Response now has its own internet radio station. Listen as we shamelessly promote our own releases and dig out other modern indie classics for your enjoyment:

This month's tracklisting is:

1. Hyacca: Hanazono (from the 2009 album Hanazono and the 2011 compilation Style Band Tokyo Vol. 1)
2. tacobonds: This Count (from the 2011 album No Fiction)
3. Praha Depart: Kyo no Nagare (from the 2009 album Uou Saou)
4. Zibanchinka: Nagisa no Hors D'oeuvres (from the 2011 album Hatsubai Chushi)
5. Puffyshoes: Anata ni Muchuu (from the 2010 compilation Valentine's Candies)
6. She Talks Silence: Fragment (from the 2011 album Some Small Gifts)

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