Friday 7 October 2011

Connect And Receive, September 2011

A week late, but here's Episode 3 of Call And Response's Japan music podcast:

It can be downloaded from its host at

1. Nezishiki: Quatre Ans (From the 2008 CD/R EP 6 Songs)
2. Pop Office: 300 Castles (From the 2011 CD/R mini-album I Was Killed Here)
3. The Mornings: Mad Cheergirl (From the 2011 album Save The Mornings)
4. Her: Her no Mirror (From the 2007 CD/R mini-album Her no Music Phone In)
5. Pq: Channeling (From the 2011 CD/R mini-album Hausdorff)
6. Buddy Girl & Mechanic: UltraWitchCraftyFab (From the 2011 CD/R EP 4tracks Demo)

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