Friday 14 October 2011

N'toko: Superhuman PV

Can't believe this slipped through the blognet, and this will be old news for anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter, but there's an N'toko promotional video out there now, directed by the magnificent Matt Schley and filmed at the wonderful Koenji One, home of our monthly Fashion Crisis parties.

Matt and I came up with the concept, and we crammed the thing full of self-indulgent Easter eggs. I'm in there, looking fatter than I would have liked, as the unimpressed DJ. Matt himself and my Fashion Crisis collaborator James Hadfield are playing an unusual version of Othello, Trinitron vocalists Kaname K and Zana make an appearance reading a series of books and smoking a series of cigarettes respectively. Also making a brief appearance is Tokyo ambient noise weirdnik Dr. Daddy, as well as disco commander Harumi Ito, so thanks to all of them for their help.

Also a reminder that from next week, N'toko will be on tour in Europe with the excellent Praha Depart. There are still lots of free dates thanks largely to the apparent impenetrability of the Berlin and Paris live scenes and the flakiness of one or two promoters, so any last minute booking offers in Western Europe are gratefully received.

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