Tuesday 5 June 2012

Busy July at CAR Records

The Kyushu x Nagoya Electric Pop Festival was a blast. Huge crowds on both days and some stunning performances. I'm not going to pick out best or favourite bands because it's really unfair on everyone else who was awesome as well, but I will say a special well done to Kobayashi Dorori, Hakuchi, Chainsaw TV and Odd Eyes, who made a great impression on a lot of first-time audience.

The rest of this month's a bit quiet, but there are a couple of nice shows with CAR people involved, and then things get very exciting again in July, so here's a quick rundown.

Date: June 17th (Sun)
Place: Shibuya Lush & Home
Event: N'toko live, along with Uhnellys, Yolz in the Sky, The Girl and more.

Date: June 30th (Sat)
Place: Koenji Amp Cafe
Event: Chicks Riot party, with a DJ turn by Ian Martin.

Date: July 6th (Fri)
Place: Koenji One (Tokyo)
Event: Fashion Crisis, with live performances from Kaki (from Slovenia) and Canopies & Drapes and DJs N'toko (also from Slovenia), Ian Martin and James Hadfield.

Date: July 6th (Fri)
Place: Kobe Helluva Lounge
Event: Praha Depart play live with Kobe's Hunting Pigeons.

Date: July 7th (Sat)
Place: Amerikamura Ikoiko (Osaka)
Event: Boys and Girls Summer Party, a festival put on by good friends Big Jugs Experience, with CAR artists N'toko and Praha Depart joining Boys of Hong Kong, NONONO, Riot Dance Party, Mana Hardcore (Tokyo), Hunting Pigeons, and The Creams.

Date: July 13th (Fri, midnight)
Place: Koenji DOM Studio (Tokyo)
Event: Telephone Club, with live performances by N'toko, Jebiotto! and more, and DJs from the Youth is Wasted team.

Date: July 14th (Sat, midnight)
Place: Shibuya Echo (Tokyo)
Event: N'toko live.

Date: July 16th (Mon, holiday)
Place: Higashi-Koenji UFO Club (Tokyo)
Event: Electricity in Our Homes (from UK) with Anisakis, She Talks Silence and Jesse Ruins, with DJs Gikyo Nakamura and Ian Martin.

Date: July 20th (Fri)
Place: Yakuin Utero (Fukuoka)
Event: Telephone Club Fukuoka, with live acts N'toko, Rim (a tribute band to unsung CAR legends Mir) and more, and DJs Emix and Ian Martin.

Date: July 21st (Sat)
Place: Kokura UN (Kitakyushu)
Event: Live acts N'toko, Jebiotto! and more.

Date: July 22nd (Sun)
Place: Kumamoto Navaro
Event: Live acts N'toko, Jebiotto! and more.

I'll have more info up as the events get closer and more details are confirmed.

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