Sunday 6 May 2012

Kyushu x Nagoya Electric Pop Festival (June 2nd-3rd 2012)

Call And Response Records has been organizing the Kyushu Pop Festival at Shinjuku Motion for the past three years, but this year, with the help of fellow event organizers Style Band Tokyo and Teenage Riot the event has expanded into a two-day alternative/postpunk/no wave music festival bringing in some of the best bands from Nagoya as well as some fantastic local Tokyo bands.

DAY 1: KYUSHU NIGHT (Call And Response Records)
Date: 6/2 (Sat)
Time: 16:00
Place: Shinjuku Motion
Cost: 2000yen (3000yen for a two-day pass)
- Hyacca/百蚊 (Fukuoka): New/no wave disco blitzkrieg.
- cynicalsmileisyourfavorite (Kumamoto): Uncompromising dance-punk funkcore.
- MacManaman/マクマナマン (Fukuoka): Propulsive instrumental post-rock.
- Miu Mau (Fukuoka): Conceptual new wave avant-pop.
- Hakuchi/白痴 (Saga): Broken hardcore/postpunk.
- Kobayashi Dorori/小林どろり (Kumamoto): Poker-faced, angular, erotic new wave.
- z/nz (Fukuoka): Offbeat alternative/lo-fi rock.
- Zibanchinka/地盤沈下 (Kagoshima): Garage-punk through the looking glass.
- Chainsaw TV: Hack and slash post-hardcore.

DAY 2: NAGOYA/TOKYO NIGHT (Style Band Tokyo & 十代暴動社)
Date: 6/3 (Sun)
Time: TBC
Place: Shinjuku Motion
Cost: 2000yen (3000yen for a two-day pass)
- 6eyes (Nagoya): Tebasaki-funk.
- The Mornings (Tokyo): Jittery 400km/h spazzcore.
- Sika Sika (Nagoya): Fierce, heavy punk rock.
- Less Quantic (Tokyo): Post-Gang of Four disco-punk.
- Plasticzooms (Tokyo): Goth.

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